How Target’s Underwriting Can Help You Win the Big Case

Placing a Big Life Case is obviously financially rewarding and can enhance your reputation and possibly increase referral business. When working on the Big Case you need to partner with an agency that can deliver more than just product. Target does offer the best life products from the top rated carriers but additionally Target offers an unmatched underwriting ability to deliver the best possible underwriting outcome for your client. Here are some of our key advantages that Target’s underwriting process offers to you and your Big Case Customer.


Dedicated In-House Underwriter-Kevin Coughlin

Kevin’s underwriting knowledge expertise and client advocacy are key drivers that helps you win on The Big Case. Kevin has extensive senior level home office underwriting experience with Transamerica and Protective Life as well as years of successful interactions working with Target’s producers. Target Insurance Services, Inc. and Kevin have developed deep and long standing relationships with top home office underwriting decision makers. These relationships make for an enhanced ability able to negotiate and advocate for your Big Case Client and deliver superior underwriting offers.


Pre-App Underwriting and Carrier Selection

We work closely with our agents early on with The Big Case to identify any underwriting red flags, whether a medical impairment, financial or other underwriting concern. We have the ability to pre-underwrite large cases by informal applications or impairment specific questionnaires and then query or shop carriers to obtain the best tentative offers before the application is taken.


Professional Case Management

Dedicated case manager for your Big Case who works to provide the service and attention that the Big Case requires, scrubbing the application, ordering exams and medical records on a timely basis and following up. Also working closely with our in-house underwriter throughout the new business process to proactively trouble shoot any potential underwriting issues.


Offer Review and “Check-mate”

Once The Big Case offer is made it is reviewed by our in-house underwriter and if need be he will appeal for a better underwriting outcome. If the issuing company will not do better we will “check-mate” the offer by informally presenting the underwriting scenario to our other carriers. If a better offer is available we will find it to assure your large case client of the best possible offer.


Dedication to Deliver

Big Case success takes a dedicated and professional team that will work hard and advocate for your client. Target Insurance Services, Inc. has the expertise and passionate dedication to deliver for you and your customer on The Big Case. Please contact us on your next Big Case we look forward to providing the best possible underwriting solution for your client.


Kevin Coughlin, FLMI
Director of Large Case Underwriting   913-403-5829


A Tradition of underwriting expertise, Access to the best carriers, Client advocacy and commitment to always deliver The Best Final Price.


Do you have an underwriting question or scenario that you would like to discuss or obtain guidance, our in-house underwriter we would be happy to discuss your client’s situation and provide a solution.