AGIS Network is an organization that does a tremendous job closing and enrolling work-site LTCi programs.  They are so successful because they have invested in tools to help educate about the burden of caregiving for employees and to help relieve that burden.  AGIS’s expertise makes cases more successful.  With their involvement, you can do a lot less work, but, despite splitting comp, your income from the case might not go down commensurately because they’ll generate more revenue.  Like a carrier, AGIS will evaluate the case.  If they don’t anticipate at least $30,000 of premium, they won’t be interested.  However, they believe they can upgrade a case to that level if brought in early.


Here are some peeks at some of their unique inspiring offerings.  Obviously, these materials belong to them and should not be used with cases in which they would not be involved:

  • They have a CE class for HR staff!
  • If you watch this two-minute AGIS video; you’ll be excited also: “Workplace Caregiving” and its impact on employers
  • They create employer-branded Caregiving Exchange web-sites customized for each client, putting all relevant information (such as that employer’s Employee Assistance Program, Family Medical Leave policy, LTCi, etc.) in a single spot.  Click here to see a demo site: