The Target Team

Our company was originally founded in 1964 as Louis J. McAvoy and Associates, to provide a creative innovation — one-stop life-insurance shopping for people with impaired health. The objective was to save brokers and their clients from going from one insurance company to another only to encounter a string of sequential rejections. We contracted with numerous insurers and hired underwriting staff to carefully collect and review health data to present it to several carriers in advance. Our accurate anticipation of insurer evaluations allowed brokers to apply only to the insurers most likely to view the prospect favorably. We then objectively guided the broker and his/her client to the carrier that provided the most favorable offer. Our leading-edge approach led us, over the years, to address privacy concerns proactively, ahead of privacy legislation.

In 1982, Target Insurance Services was founded by Lou McAvoy and his son, Matt, as a successor corporation. Target is a founding member of the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies (NAILBA), the premier insurance organization promoting financial security and consumer choice through the use of independent brokerage distribution. NAILBA’s membership represents more than 250,000 producers who produce $4 billion in life insurance sales. Lou McAvoy served on NAILBA’s first board of directors and Matt McAvoy served as secretary in 2003 and president of NAILBA in 2006.

Target is also a member of Brokerage Resources of America (BRAMCO), one of the leading producer groups of independent brokerage general agencies. Matt has served as Treasurer of BRAMCO and has served on the Board of BRAMCO continuously since 2001.

Target HeadquartersIn its second generation, Target Insurance Services, Inc. continues to be completely independent: family-owned (100% owned by Matt McAvoy) and family-operated. The main office moved from Mission KS when Target built its own building in Overland Park, Kansas in 2003.

Target focused on serving its Missouri and Kansas foot-print in the 20th century. With the dawn of the 21st century and expanded technology, Target has been servicing a national market since prior to 2000. Target (and/or Matt McAvoy) is licensed in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. In the past several years, Target helped brokers place cases in all US jurisdictions except Alaska.

Twenty-six percent of our staff have run their own businesses. Their entrepreneurial experience helps sharpen our staff’s understanding and anticipation of our clients’ needs, producing an appropriate sense of urgency and more personable quality service.

Forty-three percent have worked in insurance company home offices. That experience helps us to navigate home office bureaucracies when performing as our clients’ advocates. Our ability to explain how our clients’ needs coincide with the insurers’ goals enables us to work together with insurers to find short cuts and secure exceptions if at all possible.

We are in the top tier of production with each of our core insurers. We select insurers based on their integrity in past dealings with the consumer, sound management, financial strength, product design, pricing, underwriting, quality of service, and their commitment to brokerage distribution.