From its earliest days, one of Target Insurance Services, Inc.’s core strengths has been impaired risk underwriting. Target was one of the first agencies nationally to recognize the value of in-house underwriting expertise and has had an underwriter on staff for over 25 years.

Our focus is to help you obtain the “best “final price” for your client; Best Final Price is a combination of product price and underwriting price. We use our underwriting skills and strong commitment to client advocacy to provide maximum leverage to the underwriting side of the Best Final Price equation.

Kevin Coughlin is our dedicated in-house underwriter; Kevin has extensive senior level home office underwriting experience with Transamerica and Protective Life as well as years of successful interactions working with Target’s producers. Kevin has the knowledge and experience with our carriers to know their underwriting sweet spots and niches. Target Insurance Services, Inc and Kevin have developed deep and long standing relationships with top home office underwriting decision makers. These relationships make for an enhanced ability able to negotiate and advocate for superior underwriting offers for your customer.

Target’s Underwriting Advantages

One of our key competencies is our ability in the large case market. We work with our agents early in the sales process to identify any underwriting red flags – whether a medical impairment, financial or other underwriting concern. We have the ability to pre-underwrite large cases and query carriers to obtain the best carrier choices before the application is taken.

We also have the ability to offer options, advice, and direction on difficult underwriting issues. Target will review any offer that is less than expected to ensure it is fair to your client, and we are available to explain any adverse actions or medical issues to facilitate case placement.

A Tradition of underwriting expertise, Access to the best carriers, Client advocacy and commitment to always deliver The Best Final Price. {Matt Landis may turn this into a graphic for insertion later}}

Do you have an underwriting question or scenario that you would like to discuss or obtain guidance, our in-house underwriter we would be happy to discuss your client’s situation and provide a solution.

Kevin Coughlin, FLMI