Sales Starters:

Sometimes it takes a different approach to turn a prospect into a sale. Some of the ideas below might be just what you need to turn an individual client into a worksite case.

  • Take advantage of upcoming product changes to spur your potential client to action. The market is dynamic and might give you a chance to create a fire sale. Check for Opportunities that Won’t Last or contact your Target LTCi team to find out what’s happening in our industry.
  • Research your prospects business before you go for the appointment. Use our Sample Discussion Points to generate interest in a worksite case.
  • Partner with a CPA or other financial professional. Use your centers of influence to find a good source of referrals.
  • Use our Future Zone video (below) at the start of your next seminar. It will get your clients talking and
  • Use Target’s Fillable Fliers  and Top Ten Reasons. Not only can they help on an individual sale, they can help your client understand why LTCi is a valuable resource to their employees.

Have more sales starters that work for you? We’d love to hear them.

E-mail Alison Campbell   to pass them along.