Point-of-sales assistance is a process where a financial advisor (FA) partners with the subject matter expert (SME) within Target Insurance Services. In this partnership, it is not uncommon for the FA and SME to meet jointly with the prospect and develop a customized insurance plan. In some cases, the FA provides an introduction and the SME completes the plan design, application, underwriting and policy delivery. In most cases the FA and SME share in the compensation based on the MDRT commission split model.

By providing point-of-sales assistance, the FA is in a position to outsource their fiduciary responsibility as it relates to the risk management needs of their client’s financial plans. The SME’s goal is to provide a “concierge” level of service.  All recommendations are reviewed with you prior to discussing with the client, to minimize any conflict with the overall financial planning process.

The strategic thinking is not limited to a few insurance companies or product solutions as we have established relationships with almost 30 highly rated companies in the following areas:

  1. Life Insurance
  2. Disability Income Insurance
  3. Long Term Care Insurance
  4. Fixed Annuities

Our objective is to create insurance strategies which complement the financial plan you have designed.  We have a skilled team of home office attorneys, case managers and an experienced in-house underwriter which further leverages your valuable time.  With this team working on you and your clients behalf,  we can manage the expectations of your clients from case design,  throughout the submission process through a successful case delivery.

You can trust us to provide the Best-In-Class Insurance Solutions!

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