Vanessa Adriano

Licensing and Contracting Specialist

I have 10 plus years experience in the insurance industry with most of my experience in case management. My main responsibility at Target Insurance ServicesĀ is to assist insurance sellers with multiple carrier licensing and contracting procedures for Life, Disability and Annuity products. I want to help you succeed in providing your clients with the insurance coverage they will need to protect their financial dreams.

We are a General Agency and we represent over 30 carriers and we can help you custom design risk packages for your clients. I am dedicated to providing professional, high quality, friendly service to every agent, advisor and broker. I strive to exceed your expectations as your licensing and contracting liaison in this often tedious area.

I am focused on analyzing requirements and understanding the nuances of agent licensing and carrier contracting variances from state to state. I am here to help you navigate the complexities with the multiple insurers we sponsor at Target. I consider myself to be a teacher at heart, so it is my goal to share my knowledge with you in a kind, helpful manner. I care deeply about our customers business needs.

At Target we provide the Best-In-Class Solutions and the highest standards of customer service. You can trust us to provide solutions designed and executed in a fiduciary manner.

Vanessa Adriano

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