Nita Mead

Chief Operating Officer

I have been devoted to Target Insurance Services Inc. since 1972 when the company began as McAvoy & Associates, Inc. I started as an assistant to Lou McAvoy and I have watched the company develop and grow into the exceptional business it is today. Through my years of service, I have gained extensive knowledge of the functions of a General Agency and I strongly believe in providing insurance solutions to protect financial dreams.

I am dedicated to managing the overall operations of the facility and staff, assuring that we serve our client’s with the highest quality service. The diversity of my tasks keeps me on my toes and created a career I love.

The variety of hats I wear is extensive and includes the following:
Corporate Assistant Secretary
Compliance Officer
Financial & Compensation Manager
Human Resource Director
Facility Manager
Administrative Staff Supervisor
Office Computer Systems Manager
Commission Specialist

My focus is on creating an organized environment for staff members and clients. Target Insurance Services Inc. provides the Best-in-Class products, and I am proud to be long standing member of the Target team.

Nita Mead

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