Korinne Armour

New Business Case Manager

I joined the Target Team in May of 2015 as a life, annuity and disability income new business case manager. With over 14 years of insurance industry experience, I was drawn to Target because of their reputation in the marketplace and their strong focus on providing positive customer experiences. This style of business suits me well because I care deeply about helping you build your business and provide protection to your risk buying customers.

Target Insurance Services, Inc. is a General Agency specializing in Life, Disability, Long-Term Care, Critical Care and Annuity Solutions to manage risk. We are a multi-carrier wholesaler that can design risk packages for your clients in a professional manner which honors your client relationships.

My focus is on Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Annuity new business processing but my background in not limited to process orientation. I also have extensive knowledge in sales and case design. Because of my varied professional risk experiences, I am able to view each of your cases and advance them to placement with many lenses. My team consists of very talented licensing experts, case support assistants and a staff underwriter.

I am dedicated to providing professional, high quality, friendly service to every agent, advisor and broker. It is my goal to understand the nuances of the insurance industry and to provide customized delivery of insurance solutions from the application acquisition to underwriting and delivery.

I enjoy the challenge of case processing and the personal thrill of seeing a policy in force. Let me handle the sometimes complicated insurance processing hassles so that you and your staff’s limited time can be spent building deeper financial planning relationships with your clients.

You can trust me to provide the Best-In-Class Insurance Solutions designed and executed in a fiduciary manner.

Korinne Armour

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