Kevin Coughlin

Director of Large Case Underwriting

I am a highly skilled underwriter with over 30 years of extensive experience in the insurance industry. Over the years, I have developed risk assessment expertise combined with a solid reputation and deep relationships with industry decision makers. These are great assets when obtaining exceptional underwriting decisions. I am a key contact for sellers of insurance whose clients have needs for large amounts of life insurance and who may have medical or financial underwriting challenges.

I choose to be part of the Target Team over a home office position because I am able to help producers and clients on a more intimate and effective basis. I am dedicated to advocating on behalf of clients before, during and after the application process.

Each risk opportunity is viewed uniquely for sales appropriateness in product, concept and underwriting selection. My core responsibility is to find the best risk classification for your client from “Preferred Best” to the “Highly Rated”. Additionally, I am backed by a team of skilled case managers and administrative support at each step of the process.

My strategic thinking is not limited to a few insurance companies, product solutions or carriers. That’s why I prefer Target Insurance Services, Inc. approach to insurance distribution. Target is independently owned and has solid relationships with over 20 leading life insurance companies.

You can trust me to provide your clients with the Best-In-Class Life Insurance Solutions. Call me today so I can help your client(s) find the most favorable life insurance rates on the underwriting side.

Kevin Coughlin

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