George Wilkins

Director of Disability Income and Planning

After 16 years of disability income leadership and experience, I joined Target in August of 2015 as the Director of Disability Income and Planning. My sole mission is to help you expand your business by protecting your client’s income (assets) for the ones they love should an unexpected injury or illness prevent them from working.

My goal is to partner with you as your preferred disability sales resource. If your clients have existing group and/or personal disability coverage, I am often able to enhance and restructure in force disability coverage to maximize; risk designs, contract language, benefit amounts and durations. Additionally, I am an experienced risk consultant who can make new income replacement coverage recommendations customized to your client’s goals and needs.

Becoming part of the Target Insurance Service’s team appealed to me because it is a firm that operates with a high level of integrity and a “Ritz-Carlton” approach of product expertise and customer service. Staff members are truly willing to go the extra mile to assist producers and obtain the right insurance for their clients. Target uses the team business approach…..“Together Everyone Achieves More” and I am proud to be a member.

With my attention to detail, reliable follow-up and ongoing service, I have developed a reputation as a trusted risk resource. At Target, I am backed by experts that know the nuances of the insurance industry and will provide customized delivery of disability insurance solutions from the application acquisition through underwriting and delivery.

I can offer the Best-In-Class disability solutions by listening and offering options that have been hand selected to meet the needs of your clients.

Let me be the member of your team that focuses on the personal and business disability insurance piece of your diligently designed financial plans.

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George Wilkins

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