Claude Thau

Director of LTCi Funding Solutions

Claude joined Target in 2000, following an extensive home office career as an actuary and senior executive. He is passionate about serving the LTCi needs of brokers’ clients — be they individuals, businesses, or affinity groups — by carefully considering their unique circumstances to pinpoint the stand-alone LTCi or combo (e.g., life/LTCi) program and design most effective for each particular client.

In recognition of his efforts to educate brokers, insurers and others about all aspects of LTCi, he was named one of the 10 Power People in the LTCi industry in 2007 by Senior Market Advisor. His uniquely broad experience includes:

– Wholesaling LTCi and providing varied tools and consulting services to brokers, including insightful brainsharks for brokers and their clients that can be viewed 24/7.

– Running the most-read surveys of the individual and group LTCi industry since 2005.

– Consulting for insurers, employers (including the Federal government), regulators, service providers, major consulting firms, etc., nationally and internationally.

– Managing insurers’ profit centers and prior work as an actuary. (When he ran a major company’s LTCi division, it grew 5 times as fast as the total LTCi industry for each of 3 consecutive years.)

– Involvement in legislative activity. His critique of a GAO report on LTCi Partnerships was independently sent to both the Obama and McCain campaigns in 2008. He is a noted critic of the CLASS Act and has published positions on acute health care and Medicaid reform.

– Pro bono work in LTC, as well as LTCi, efforts.

– Experiencing LTC needs in his family.

– Teaching 8-hour LTCi certification (and other) classes to 800+ brokers (ave. rating: 9.4 out of 10).

Claude’s goal is to help build a sound LTCi industry in the USA and his excellent staff fulfills their slogan (“We’re in it for the Long-Term… We Care”SM) by helping brokers build their businesses.

Claude’s is often quoted from his numerous articles and speaking engagements. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal four times and has been on about a dozen radio shows, including National Public Radio.

During his home office career, he had a wide range of responsibilities, including starting a branch in Taiwan, running a travel insurance business, pricing leading edge products, etc. He was Transamerica’s first winner of the TLC award for teamwork, leadership and commitment.

Claude and Tina have been married since 1970. They have two children, acquired two others through marriage, and have two grandsons born in 2011. Claude’s many non-profit activities focus on education, environment, and international efforts. He serves on the Boards of Alternative Gifts International and the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance and NAHU’s LTCi committee and is actively involved with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and the Center for Practical Bio-Ethics. Previous Board memberships include: Center for Long-Term Care Financing, American Stroke Foundation, Solar Cookers International, and Californians Against Waste.

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Claude Thau

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