Amy Lozier, CLTC

LTCi & Combo Product Sales

My Name is Amy Lozier. My years of experience in Healthcare Information Systems product management, sales, & customer service have prepared me to help you find long-term care & linked benefits insurance solutions for your clients so that their financial goals and dreams are protected.

Why Target?

► OUR FOCUS IS ON YOU… OUR VALUED CLIENT: By executing the simplest solutions such as term insurance to the most advanced estate or sophisticated business insurance designs, I have schooled solutions and the right combinations of insurance products for hundreds of satisfied clients.

► FIDUCIARY BUSINESS MODEL THAT WORKS: Target Insurance is truly an independent agency where each insurance sale opportunity is looked at uniquely for sales appropriateness in product, concept and underwriting selection.

► CASE DESIGN WITH DIVERSE PRODUCT OPTIONS: My strategic thinking is not limited to a few insurance companies, product solutions or concepts. We have the right product options to meet all of your insurance product needs.

► THE SUCCESS IS ALL IN THE DETAILS: I am an expert in product nuances, and based on years of success, I know how to apply the best-in-class traditional Long-term Care & Life Insurance options with Accelerated Death Benefit options that will help you achieve your clients’ short- and long-term goals.

Are you a looking for an expert life insurance, income replacement, long-term care insurance or retirement income annuity multi-carrier wholesaler who can support your protection needs in a professional manner?
It is my goal to partner with you to protect your client’s financial dreams. Let me be your LTCi Advocate!

Amy Lozier, CLTC

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