What is the average age of an LTCi claim? What are the chances of needing long-term care? Do women need more long-term care than men?

Below is some statistical information on LTCi, as well as links to other sites dedicated to providing reliable information regarding long-term care. Although we don’t recommend selling based on statistics only, they can offer compelling arguments for clients wondering if LTC is a serious risk.


Infographics: We recently created some basic LTC/LTCi infographics that you can customize with your own information and share with your clients. Download them all today!




Basic Women’s Flier: This flier includes statistics about a women’s chance of needing care. Use this with new prospects, or with current clients that haven’t discussed LTCi with you yet.

NWM: Long-Term Care Fact Sheet
NWM: 2017 Planning and Progress Summary
NWM: 2018 Planning and Progress Study


  • Talk About LTC: Hosted by ThinkAdvisor and LifeHealthPro, this site discusses the true cost of a long-term care event, and how much of that cost caregivers shoulder.
  • LongTermCare.gov: This site is an excellent source of basic statistics, broken down into categories such as who needs care, based on age and gender, who provides care, and who pays for it. See if you already know some people like this who may benefit from LTCi.
  • Caregiver.org: Created by the Family Caregiver Alliance, this site offers national statistics regarding how many people need care, where care is received, and who provides that care.
  • aaltci.org: This site is focused on brokers and gives several other marketing offers to its members.
  • 3in4NeedMore: This site offers good information as to who actually pays for care.