The Contracting Department is staffed with trained specialists to efficiently process contracting paperwork. Our specialists are available to provide you with assistance in state licensing requirements, LTCi training requirements, appointment status and non-resident appointment requests.

Contact the Contracting Department if you have questions regarding:

  • Contract Status
  • Appointment/Contract Effective Dates
  • Contracting Corporations/Agencies
  • Address Changes
  • Partnership Training Requirements Per State

Partnership certification

Most states require Partnership certification to solicit any LTCi. The majority of states require an 8-hour initial course followed by a 4-hour refresher course every 24 months or every licensing renewal period. It is very important that this training is in place prior to dating an LTCi policy application to avoid processing issues. There are several state variations in terms of additional requirements needed for non-resident producers. Visit ClearCert to see state-by-state variations or feel free to contact our LTCi contracting specialist.

If you know you are in need of an LTCi training course you can click the link below to learn about available online classes in your state.

Target Producer Appointment form
Click to access the Target Producer Form. This form will allow you get appointed with most of the companies Target offers. You won’t have to complete separate appointment paperwork for each carrier with the exception of MassMutual.

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