Use the LTCi Cost and Benefit Analyzer to get immediate clear, customized, meaningful, numeric value propositions without even calling us. With this proprietary iPad-app-type tool, your clients can, in 15-20 minutes, make a final, informed and well-documented decision about whether to buy LTCi.

LTCi Cost & Benefit Analyzer (Click the link to access the software.)


As explained in our WebExes about this tool (first Thursday of each month) and in the User Guide below, it provides pinpoint value propositions for:

  • Buying now vs. buying later vs. self-insuring.
  • 3-year vs. 5-year vs. 10-year benefit periods.
  • Shared Care vs. independent policies
  • Choosing benefit period, elimination period, maximum monthly benefit.

When our similar Excel spreadsheet, the “LTCi Sales Generator” has been presented to financial advisors, 98% of the financial advisors say they want to use it with clients and 93% to 99% agree that they like being able to use it immediately.  The appreciate having a track to follow and say that it will save them time with clients who buy and with clients who don’t buy.  They anticipate an average of more than 9 additional LTCi sales per year.  (See attached survey, including specific comments.)

Using our tool can avoid protracted, repeat conversations with clients about LTCi. See the User Guide for more information.