Target Insurance Services, Inc. has a unique relationship with LifeTrends through our BRAMCO affiliation.


LifeTrends is a consulting company that specializes in benchmarking 30+ of the top life insurance companies in the country. They gather an enormous amount of benching data, features and rider information, integrated reporting analysis and have the ability to test unpublished rates against the current market, mostly useful to those companies wanting to hit the street with competitive product pricing.

LifeTrends offer product analysis overviews that are detailed, unbiased, write-ups on life insurance products at the touch of a button. Almost instantly we can know the top company and product to recommend for any particular situation without having to wonder if we missed a lower priced product or a more competitive scenario result. The purpose of the overviews are to provide  additional perspective on a product, regardless of how the life insurance carrier is positioning it; as well as enough information to quickly and efficiently identify how a product might compare amongst its peers.

LifeTrends have relationships with most major carriers and they monitor market changes daily. For each new product that is launched or re-priced, they distribute their own, unbiased product update analysis overviews. They have an efficient way to test unpublished rates against the current market and offer insightful perspectives when pricing new products or revising old ones. They will engage with carrier actuaries, help narrow down the competition and then work to identify the best strategy for each development initiative.

LifeTrend’s unique resources allow Target Insurance Services, Inc. to view product portfolios from many different perspectives, enabling us to fine tune different carrier offerings, gain a competitive advantage and remain focused on your client’s goals and objectives.