Follow-up information from Claude Thau:

It was nice to chat with all of you at Ignite! in Dallas.  Admittedly, I don’t always remember what I discussed with each individual.  Even if I do remember, you might be interested in something we did not discuss.

So, you can choose from the following topics:

  1. Addressing “self-insurance”, the main competitor to LTCi
  2. Asking people under age 60 “Who are your two oldest living relatives?
  3. Facilitating family LTC planning discussions (no document currently exists to discuss this topic)
  4. Our proprietary “Range of Exposure” tool facilitates an in-depth discussion of family LTC risks.  Based on gender, age, marital status, support network, their view of future LTC inflation, etc., we project their likelihood of spending less than $100K; $100K-$250K; $250K-$500K; $500K-$1KK or over $1,000,000 on LTC in the future and the average cost in each of the 5 cost ranges as well as overall.  If desired, the user can then design a wide variety of insurance solutions to determine which solution covers the exposure most effectively.  To access it, go to, pull down the PRODUCTS menu and select “LTCI & COMBO”.  “Range of Exposure Tool” is the second item listed.
  5. Our proprietary “Cost and Benefit Analyzer” tool provides unique pinpointed information so prospects can make informed final well-documented decisions about buying LTCi within 15 minutes. You can answer questions immediately, without a quote.    To access it, go to, pull down the PRODUCTS menu and select “LTCI & COMBO”.  “Long-Term Care Cost and Benefit  Analyzer” is the last item listed under “Quotes & Calculators”.
  6. Tax advantages for any business-owner to buy LTCi.
  7. §1035 exchange opportunities
  8. The easiest way to compare combo (life and LTCi) to stand-alone LTCi .
  9. The power of free business evaluations for your clients  (and maybe for you).
  10. Clients can send their health profile directly to Target.
  11. Strategizing with you and your partners to determine where you might have untapped opportunities.
  12. Target can make the sale for you.
  13. Fliers marketing uniquely to the pre-divorce, teachers, doctors, lawyers, farmers or ranchers, LBGT markets for LTCi:
  14. How to serve the middle market’s need for LTCi
  15. Lead generation with free CE topics for HR professionals
  16. Products to help caregivers or people uninsurable for LTC
  17. Maximizing the success of your booth at an event


We sometimes have WebExes on the above topics, which you or your staff could attend. Check the Events Tab for scheduled events.