Immediate Annuities are not bought for their rate of return.  They are bought for their GURANTEED PAYOUT! Learn how to talk about an immediate annuity.

  • SPIAs Help Make a Charitable Gift Annuity Work Even Better – Help SPIAs work better for both the charity and your client.
  • It’s Better to Give and Receive – See how and when a Charitable Gift Annuity works.
  • The Golf Pension – Immediate annuities are not just for income replacement.  Discover how to position an immediate annuity to help a person support a hobby or pastime in their retirement years.
  • Why should a life agent talk about income annuities now? – Discover some points as to why a Life agent should consider talking about an annuity.
  • Qualified Annuity Solutions – Some Group Annuity ideas are offered.  Specifically if you have a group which no longer wants to fund their retirees payouts.  Give us a call. (This form can be co-branded and printed out with your agency information.)
  • SPIA Defined – What exactly is a SPIA?  What options do I have?  How does it work?  Find answers to these and other question in the attached.
  • Grandchild as Joint Annuitant on NQ SPIA – If asked all we ever want is to be remembered. It’s not the amount of money one leaves but the length of time your remembered. This attachment will show you a way to offer every grandparent you meet a way to be remembered for the rest of a grandchild’s life.