How to build a worksite case

You’ve got a prospect for a worksite case, but you aren’t sure how to approach them, what to show them, or even what carrier to recommend. You’re not even sure if they are the right fit for a worksite case. What’s the next step?

Target’s developed tools to allow you to successfully market and present your worksite case to the employer. We can also help you effectively use your centers of influence to find good prospects.

We recommend using e-mail drip campaigns, fliers and direct mail. Once you have an appointment with the employer, use the census form blank census to request a quote. We’ll help you determine the carrier and benefits that fit your employer’s expectations, as well as develop tools you can use to present the numbers to the client. We will also create a tool to help you enroll the individual employees, and give you talking points to set the appointment.

Below are some samples of the pieces we’ve developed.

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