Fliers to Keep in Your Portfolio
Keep these fliers handy to use in conversation with a prospect you meet in a casual setting (in an elevator, restaurant, hair salon, etc).

You can share one or two points, then give them the flier (which has your contact info) to read while on the elevator, etc. (What else are they going to do while waiting for service?) Collect their business card and promise to call them in a few days. The fillable PDFs are below.

Example 1: You overhear someone talking about providing care to a parent. They appear to be middle class.  You might say “Your parents are lucky to have you.  Most people want to stay at home if they need care but are concerned about burdening their children and related issues.  Did you know that a husband and wife could spend a combined $5/day for long-term care insurance that provides home care to relieve their children and protects assets for their heirs if they eventually have to enter a facility?”  Then give them the “Middle Market” flier.

Example 2: Example: Someone is bemoaning the low current interest rate on CDs. “You’re right!  This flier explains how you can convert that asset into a safe vehicle which provides lots of money if you ever need long-term care and returns the full cost, and then some more (tax-free under current law) to your heirs if you die without needing long-term care.”  Give them the flier below that fits their situation.

Also available are fliers geared to specific audiences: