July 12, 2017 @ 3:00 pm CDT – 4:00 pm CDT

Employee caregivers’ problems are estimated to cost U.S. employer s $13.4 billion y early. Early intervention with a Health & Wellness approach to caregiving can help minimize the impact on employees and employers.

About 20% of employees self-identify as caregivers, but roughly twice as many provide care. They exercise less, sleep less and visit their doctor less. They eat more fast and junk food, smoke more and drink more alcohol. Tired (63%) and stressed (66%), they are less productive and increase employer health and disability costs.
HR professionals receive 1-hour CE credit while learning about the impact of caregiving on health and wellness programs; how to help employees recognize caregiving challenges early; keys to minimize negative outcomes; and no-cost solutions to help solve the caregiving dilemma and protect employees’ retirement dreams.