A sense of urgency may not be felt by your client when considering a long term disability. What about a specific medical event that may cause an immediate need for cash in their pocket. Use these resources to identify the basics of this protection, common health issues that create a claim, how common these health issues are and the impact to your client.

Critical illness protection gives money to you and your family, because you survived a specific medical diagnosis. If you have never considered this type of insurance, take 5 minutes to get familiar with the protection concept. This product may be just the one to wake up your client to action.

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Broker’s World Article: My Critical Illness Story

(Jan 2013)

Why did a young, healthy man purchase the protection for himself? A real life story on the impact a great decision had on his own life.

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Broker’s World Article: Presenting The Critical Illness Solution By Tailoring The Message

(Mar 2013)

One of the industry leaders provides suggestions on how to effectively deliver the need of critical illness.

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Critical Illness Pre-Screen Checklist

Save yourself and the client valuable time by asking about these knock outs for eligibility.

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Critical Illness Training Presentation

Take 10 minutes to review the training overview provided below.

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Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke Overview

The introductory piece provides an overview of a simple concept, ease of selling and focusing on what is most important to your client. Provide a benefit for three common health issues, regardless of outcome.

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