It can be challenging to determine which carrier is the best fit. Below is a brief summary of what’s available by carrier for multi-life situations. Ask about possible association discounts as well.

Transamerica TransCare II

  • 5 employees required to be eligible for worksite product.
  • ≥10 employee applications required for simplified underwriting
  • If carve-out is selected, must include all employees that meet the class definition.
  • Simplified underwriting can be available for actively-at-work spouses under age 66 on employer-paid plans, depending on size
  • 90-day enrollment period
  • Transamerica will look for plans that meet their demographic requirements (for instance, there needs to be:
    • -mix of both men and women
    • -good age distribution
    • -good percentage of high-potential earners
  • Plan works well with carve-out for executives and a voluntary offering for other employees, spouses and family members.
  • View TransCare Producer Guide

LifeSecure OM II LTC Mult-life Program

  • Defined Advantage: 3-9 employees
    • -5 approved applications (can be employees—at least 3—and spouses)
    • -Employer can choose to pay base coverage, a specific dollar amount, or 100% of coverage
    • -Voluntary not available
  • Employee Solutions: 10 or more eligible employees
    • -Employer can choose to pay base coverage, a specific dollar amount, or 100% of coverage
    • -5% discount on employer-paid coverage
    • -Also available on 100% voluntary basis

Simplfied Issue is available with both plans for employees and actively at work spouses that are under age 66. This is a streamlined process. All knock-out health questions will still be answered.


  • Uses gender-neutral street product
  • Offers 10% discount, no underwriting concessions
  • Requires at least 3 employees at business; not all 3 have to buy
  • Group must be approved prior to taking an application
  • Discount reduces commissions

*Broker must be appointed with MassMutual before taking an application for any LTCi sale