Small business owners…the ideal target market, daytime activity, they have a need to protect the income for their family, to keep open the doors of their business, maintain revenue to pay the expenses of their business including employees’ salaries and to eventually sell the business and retire happily ever after.

Opportunities to consider

  • Business Needs – Marketing Guide…keep this comprehensive guide close to identify “why business owners need your services”, success stories and much more.
  • 2017 Business Owner Survey – Protecting what matters most–business owners share what’s important to them and how they plan to protect it.
  • Business Owner Priorities Checklist – The only piece of paper you will need to have a successful meeting.
  • How much is it worth and is a buy-sell agreement in place? – A majority of the time the answer is somewhere between, I don’t know how much it is to someone else and nothing formal is in place. Use this one-page guide to explore a complimentary business valuation and buy-sell agreement review.